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Aircon Installations
We offer high quality affordable installations of residential and commercial air-conditioning.

Air conditioning systems are regulated appliances, requiring expert maintenance to properly function at the best rate of energy consumption.

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In these tough economic times no -one likes surprises when it comes to their bill and we don’t either. We offer clear transparent pricing on ALL work that is carried out.

Aircon Maintenance

Preventative maintenance of your air conditioning unit We provide a full range of repair and maintenance options for your air conditioning systems including the replacement of burnt out contactors, capacitors and compressors.

If you require a new aircon installation or require an Aircon Service on your current Aircon, We'll be glad to assist you

Quick Fixes

If your air conditioning unit is not working:

1. Have you checked the power supply coming from the plug or isolator switch? – If there is no power  call us.  
2.  Have you checked the circuit breaker labelled aircon at your DB board? If it is in a down position reset it. It if trips again call us.  
3. Have you checked to see if the batteries in the remote are working? If the remote is not working give us a call.  
4. Is the mode set correctly on the remote? Run through the modes again and make sure you hear a beep everytime you change the mode.  
5. Is the correct temperature set? Have you accidentally set the unit on Heating 16 Degrees or Cooling 30 degrees?

Create Comfortable Spaces

Control Your Climate through Innovative Technology


All residential Houses need to be C.O.C Compliant, work done by a qualified Electrictian 

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We are your “go to” service provider for all Plumbing, Electrical and Air-conditioning requirements in the Gauteng Area.

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Our excellent team of  professionals strive to pursue customer satisfaction with no compromise on quality workmanship.

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